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A quiet, unassuming neighborhood in north west Edmonton, Woodcroft has 118 Avenue to north and Groat Road to the east. 

This project was a real challenge but also a great success for us. The main challenge was the very cold weather. Project was started in frigid -30C temperature of January and finished successfully in May. We must thank hard working Alberta construction trade workers who came to work in these harsh conditions, and helped us maintain the building schedule, which was very important for our client. Keeping the project within the budget was also another challenge, but everything went well, and we had no surprises.

Here is our client testimonial” Pianu Custom Homes went above and beyond my expectations. Donna came up with beautiful ideas and Florin brought them to life with perfection. They brought together a crew of amazing people to make my dream a reality. I tell everyone PIANU Homes is THE company to call if you want to build a project”

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